The following outlines the typical process involved in most medium to large sized residential projects (eg new homes, home extensions and major renovations).


Initial meeting

The first step is an on-site meeting with Stuart Stevens.

  • Stuart is a registered builder and the principal Director of SVS Projects.
  • Stuart is 100% hands-on – he will be your first point of contact from this initial meeting through to project completion.

At this meeting Stuart will discuss in detail:

  • Client’s finalised architect’s drawings and floor plans
  • Scope of Works
  • Client’s available budget
  • Client’s preferred start date
  • Town planning and permits – in particular where the Client is in the application process
  • The feasibility of a project – ie comparing the likely building costs (taking into account the architects specifications/drawings, the structural (engineering) requirements and regulatory limitations) against the Client’s actual budget.

In order for an accurate quote to be given a complete scope of works is required (including full engineering plans and soil testing, full product and material specifications).

If you are seeking quotes from a number of builders it is best to have an accurate and complete Scope of Works distributed to each builder so you can receive comparable estimates.

A fee is charged to provide a written quotation – this fee is fully refundable if the quotation is accepted and the project goes ahead.

Quotation and Contract

Once a written quotation has been accepted and all the specifications have been locked down – a final set of drawings (if any changes have been made along the way), specifications and a contract are given to client for signature.

Our contracts are supplied by the Master Builders Association.

  • This contract is legally binding and specifies all details of the build – design, detailed plans, timelines and costs.

Once the building contact has been signed, all known costs are included in the price.

If you change your mind once the build commences, we reserve the right to revisit the overall price quoted, however if this occurs you will be involved and informed of any additional costs before they happen.

SVS Projects residential building work is covered by Home Owners Warranty Insurance.

  • Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance insures the owner (or subsequent owners) against non-completion of the building contract due to death, disappearance or insolvency of the builder, and failure of the builder to correct faults, which are deemed by law to be the builder’s responsibility, for a nominated warranty period.

Once we receive a building permit from the building surveyor the building materials are ordered and tradesmen assigned to the project.

Work on-site starts

All building projects are managed by Stuart Stevens – with work being carried out by his highly qualified team of trades and craftsmen.  Stuart is on-site daily and frequently in contact with the Client to discuss progress.


All building projects are different, but for example most house extensions can be completed within 6 months of starting on site.  At the end of a project a building surveyor checks the building project thoroughly in order to issue a notice of completion.