Period Renovations Melbourne

There are many period homes in and around Melbourne that are cherished by their owners, but by their very age they are sure to need maintenance or renovation at some stage. No home will last without some tender loving care at some point of its life. We offer period renovations in Melbourne and the outlying suburbs such as the Mornington Peninsula, so if your Victorian or Edwardian home needs some of that TLC, contact us.

We are experts in doing this type of restoration or renovation and we understand what it takes to make sure the special look of your home is not spoiled in any way. At the same time we can ensure that you get the warmth and other conveniences that modern life demands – things that were simply unheard of in the day and age when that home was first built. Those people from the past were used to discomfort since they had no other options. It was normal to them to be cold or to carry water for their baths. Happily, we don’t have to do that these days.

When it comes to period renovations, Melbourne residents usually look for a builder that understands how to keep the special look and feel of that bygone era. One of our main interests is in these elegant older homes and we can assure you that any renovations done will look just like the original home, so nothing will look out of place. Contact us to discuss the renovations for your period home.