Loft Conversions


Loft & Attic Conversions Specialists

Once it is converted, the loft or attic is the ideal extra space that many homes need. Kids grow and need space so if your needs have changed over the years and there is not enough space to expand outwards then, you might think in terms of a loft conversion. This will give you extra space in the ceiling cavity that would otherwise just be wasted.

We are experts at converting your loft space by insulating the walls and roof and adding windows for natural light. We also add flooring that will conceal the duct work and cables and protect it, while giving you a solid surface to walk on.

Some people use this extra space for storage only, but it can also be used for a teen’s private space, hobby room or anything else you like. It can be easily accessed with folding steps through a manhole or a permanent stairway if the space is suitable for one. Once we see your floor plan or inspect your home we will be able to give you a great deal of advice on converting your loft and making it suitable for a variety of things.

Even if you only need it for storage, having a solid floor and power up in the loft will enable you to take advantage of every bit of space in your home. And with the walls and roof insulated you won’t need to worry that the condition of your goods will deteriorate over time. So give us a call because we have done many successful loft conversions and are eager to do yours.