History – SVS Projects

Stuart Stevens is a registered builder and principal founder of SVS Projects.

I am the son of a builder, my father is what these days is considered one of those ‘old school’ builders, ie highly respected, trustworthy with years of experience and an amazing reputation.

I worked with my father when I was growing up and when I was at university. It was an incredibly informative way to learn the practical ropes of running a successful building company.

I didn’t intend at that young age in following in his footsteps but a desire later in life to run my own business and my experience gained in other fields brought me back to building and the formation of SVS Projects.

Why building? I am a creative and lateral thinker with a very practical hands-on approach to solving problems. I like people and form strong productive relationships with Clients, Architects and the craftsmen that work for me.

I thrive on challenges and find it incredibly rewarding to build someone a home.

I strive to emulate my fathers ‘old-school’ approach to building where quality is paramount combining it with a twist of 21st century creative thinking. The very best of both worlds.